PWC Floating Ports and Floating Docks

PWC Floating Ports? There are a few important things to pay attention to while shopping for PWC Floating Ports or Floating Docks. You have to look at whether they are filled with foam at the factory level or they are hollow, what their weight capacity is, their buoyancy, their weight, their warranty among other things. Also important is the roller system, how easy is it for a person to handle the jet ski on their own, etc. TAKE ALL THESE CRITERIA AND WE WILL PUT ANY COMPETITOR PORT OR DOCK AGAINST OURS AND SHOW YOU THE DIFFERENCE. Last but not least, the price of the ports matters and did we mention? Our competition cannot even come close.

Do you need a PWC floating port to park your jet ski?

Wave Port SLX  (12 Ft. 8 Inch Long) are PWC Floating Ports designed to be a parking spot for your Jet Ski. Just like our floating docks, they integrate with any existing dock, seawall or structure, can stand alone or connect together to other ports. Unsinkable, built out of HD Polyethylene with built in UV protection and inner foam structure. With a built in rollers and a stopper, our PWC Floating Ports are unique and easy to use. Besides Jet Skis, our Floating Ports are also available for single engine boats or jet boats up to 25′ in length and 7,500 lbs in weight. Click HERE to see our Boat Ports.

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  • Wave Armor Floating Dock with a Gangway and bumpers
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Instead of PWC Floating Ports, you might want a Custom Floating Dock. Dock Features Include:

Beautifully Roto-Molded Durable Polyethylene Construction with built-in UV Protection. Easy to install Proprietary H-Beam Channel Lock Connection System for hassle-free assembly/disassembly. Rugged, purpose-built floating dock sections with rigid, closed cell foam-filled interior and bottom suctioning pockets that keeps your deck where it is supposed to be;  flat on the water. In-mold fastener attachments spaced around perimeter for adding tie-down cleats where you need them. Easy attaching accessories and components including: PWC Ports (Wave Port),  Bumpers, Dock Ramp, Pipe Adapters, and Post Attachments all utilizing the H-Beam Channel Lock Attachment System.

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