Kayak Launch And Stow

How It Works

Our Kayak Launch & Stow for your light craft was designed, in part, by waterfront property owners! It became apparent that small crafts are being stored directly on the dock using up valuable dock space. The Kayak Launch & Stow will give you back that space because it is mounted to a fixed dock or seawall. It takes up no more space than the size of the craft.  Seahorse Launch & Stow has a 400# rating making it very stable to stand on. The mount has a built in slide that allows the I beam ladder and float to travel with the tides. The Launch & Stow has two ladders. The main ladder slides up and down with the float. The second ladder, mounted on the float, swings down for easy exiting. The cradle stores the craft on its side. There are straps in each cradle to keep the craft set in position.  

The Kayak Launch can be attached to a regular or floating dock, seawall and a PWC floating port.

From stow to launch mode simply lower the cradle into the water using the winch that is mounted on the I beam. Once it is in the water use the access ladder to climb down, step on the float and simply climb into your kayak/canoe/paddle board. Upon return, pull into the cradle and step out onto the float, climb up the access ladder and winch the cradle up into stow mode.

We also have a tandem Seahorse Launch & Stow which can also be mounted to a fixed dock or seawall.