Smart Security Systems – The way of the future

Smart Security Systems cameras don’t see, they discover!

This embedded intelligence allows the camera to actually understand its environment, automatically adjusting to changes, resulting in superior levels of detection and false alarm reduction. Smart Security Systems create alerts or trigger events, the results are only limited by your imagination! We are in the business of preventing crime and not just recording it on video as it happens like most security systems on the market.

Smart Security Systems Intelligent Video Surveillance is a reality!

There are endless possibilities on how an intelligent surveillance system can be used and security is only the start. Intelligent Surveillance takes security to a whole new level. Automatically receive an email when a person is detected in a preconfigured area.  Interface cameras with automation systems can count people in and out of an area; this feature is great for retailers.  Turn cameras on and off – this is excellent in providing privacy for internal cameras when required.  Filters can be applied so only a person will create an alarm or a vehicle stopping in an area or someone loitering in an area.

The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination. Intelligent cameras communicate with each other! When one camera detects a person, the PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera can turn and automatically track the person.

Many systems in our product line incorporate features that are not directly related to security and provide solutions that our customers thought were only possible in the movies.

Every Smart Surveillance System is designed to meet your individual needs and requirements. A full site survey will be carried out. Our Security Surveyor will record the required areas of coverage and available locations along with notes on the most suitable camera style. Any areas of concern or vulnerability will also be recorded during the site survey. Intelligent options will be discussed and incorporated into the system design. 

Once complete, the surveyor will review the survey record with you before submission to the design team. The design team will then produce a site plan including locations, mounting heights, camera settings, and field of view. This will then be converted into a detailed system proposal which will be present to you.

The complete smart security systems design is provided at no charge.

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Our smart security systems can be directly linked to your smartphones or tablets using simple, free of charge, intuitive applications. Alerts can be configured directly to your device and home automation software to set in action chains of events for detection and deterrent.

Just imagine if your cameras could detect a threat, then tell your home automation to begin turning on lights and devices to mimic occupancy in your absence? Stop imagining because this is the That’s Smart difference.

VIM 4350 (Dome, 1080P, 2MP with Starlight, Vari Focal Length) Camera – $649.00*

VIM 1350 (Dome, 1080P, 2MP with Starlight, FIxed Focal Length) Camera – $369.00*

VIM 8 – 1000 (8 channel, 2TB) recorder – $899.00*

* Prices do not include installation or shipping

Business Solutions


Our Smart systems deliver solutions to businesses (retailers, manufacturers, construction sites, etc), schools, airports, etc. In addition to its security credentials, Visualint intelligence also provides a highly accurate method for capturing statistics about customer behavior, enabling retailers to make informed business decisions. With people counting functionality and our person-optimized tracking engine built-in, detailed reports regarding the number of people of entering a store or shopping area in a given time, customer hotspot and conversion ratio analysis can be performed.

Virtual Guard

The Virtual Guard combines the very latest in construction-site monitoring and time-lapse construction video in an easy to install, combined unit. Our Virtual Guard provides advanced levels of protection. As soon as your site closes, the system arms and your site is remotely monitored. This is the only camera designed for construction-site monitoring that can protect and provide time-lapse video of the construction project. The Virtual Guard is more effective than a physical guard on-site. Experienced operators trained to the highest standards use the latest monitoring technology to assess images and ancient information to determine the course of action to be taken. Each system can be configured with two-way audio communication, allowing the operator to deter the intruder or, if you prefer, the incident can be passed to the police to apprehend the violators on-site. Both methods are an effective way to reduce crime and present loss on-site while delivering savings on alternative solutions.

We can help any type of business in any industry. Please contact us for more information.