Intelligent Security Systems!

All Systems are not the same. Intelligent Security Systems are in a league of their own.

Not all systems are the same and it’s often difficult for our clients to compare our Intelligent Security Systems proposals to other bids received. They are not comparing apples to apples. There are thousands camera and recorder options available; all varying in quality, price and ease of use. Why are you considering purchasing a Video Surveillance System? To review or to prevent a crime from occurring on your property?

Traditional CCTV has advanced in recent years and HD is now standard in all of our systems. You can view these HD images from any PC or Mobile Device. The images are recorded on a compact recorder. Now you can check in on the kids or view the office during non-working hours. This offers a cost effective, user friendly solution.

Intelligent Surveillance takes security to a whole new level. You can automatically receive a notification when a person is detected in a preconfigured area. Interface cameras with automation systems can count people in and out of an area. Cameras can be turned on and off, this is excellent in providing privacy for internal cameras when required. One can apply filters so that only a person or a vehicle will create an alarm. There are endless possibilities and they are only limited by your imagination. Intelligent cameras talk to each other which makes tracking an object a walk in the park.

Remote monitoring

That is one of the many features Intelligent Video can deliver. Remote Video Monitoring can save you $$$ when compared to an on site security guard. It also can increase performance, efficiency and reliability. When armed, intelligent cameras will send an alert off site to an approved monitoring station. The operator can then quickly assess the situation and issue a warning from a speaker connected to the camera. In the unlikely even the person remains on site, the police will be called. A faster police response is often received as they know a crime is about to happen along with a full description of the person and incident. The majority of criminals are deterred by the audio warning and leave the site once the operator has described what they are doing and what they are wearing.

Whether you are monitoring a plant, a facility, a community pool or simply your own house, there is a solution for you and your property. For more information and to get a free estimate, click the link below.

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