Fish Fillet Station or Fish Cleaning Table?

 Some call it a Fish Cleaning Table but we call it a Fish Fillet Station!

There are many imitators but there is only one Official Fish Fillet Station! It is made of sturdy Cypress wood, aluminum and poly carbonate construction. The Fillet Station is the perfect addition to any dock or house on the water and your daily catch never has to be cleaned in your kitchen. It is not only the best functionally built fillet station on the market but an absolute attention grabber and conversation piece for all your friends, family and neighbors. Every fillet station is custom built to order by a master craftsman with absolutely no expense spared. We hand pick only choice pieces of lumber for each individual fillet station. All hinges, screws and latches on the fish station are powder coated, heavy duty stainless steel and built to last a lifetime. 


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Our Fish Fillet Station is One of a Kind

We rout every piece of wood for smooth and perfectly finished edges. Everscrew hole is predrilled, routed, sanded and capped as you would expect from an absolute perfectionist. The roof on each fillet station is made of high quality aluminum bars, wood profiles and a Lexan Poly carbonate roofing sheet. We also use 10″ lags, 10 hurricane straps and 4 hurricane plates for extra sturdiness. On top of all that, the roof is removable in case of really severe weather. Our Fillet Station uses FDA / USDA grade cutting boards made with antibacterial technology. Studies have shown that they prevent 99.999% bacteria accumulation and absorption. We attach each fillet station to your dock with special brackets for extra added stability and strength. 

The Lexan Thermoclear, multiwall roofing sheet can be relied upon to deliver high quality, low maintenance glazing that is built to last. Because of its UV coating, it blocks harmful Ultraviolet Rays while still offering a high degree of light transmittance. Made with virtually unbreakable LEXAN poly carbonate resin, it provides excellent impact strength and exceptional flame resistance. Complies with CC1 and class A building code requirements and does not turn yellow with time like other similar products. 

Each fillet station comes with:

– Gutter System
– Counter top built in Water Sprayer
– Bottle Opener

Of course it could be additionally customized with LED lights, wheels, knife sharpener, different stains and finishes, etc

Why Do We Use Cypress?

Cypress wood contains a natural preservative that is both rot and insect resistant. Cypress is capable of withstanding the elements without a finish of any kind, though a periodic coat of oil will keep the wood looking fresh longer. Like cedar, cypress weathers to a silver gray over time when left unfinished. Cypress is also a very stable wood, with little shrinking or swelling throughout the changing seasons. To further extend Cypress’ natural properties, we stain it with a semi transparent stain. That helps helps protect it even more from mildew, UV rays, insects, etc. After that we seal it with a clear sealant.

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