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Inflatable Boat Dock

FAB Dock dry docking solution is designed to make boating easy because it keeps your boat clean and dry. Therefor, you can enjoy your boating lifestyle hassle free. With ease of maintenance, portability and cost effectiveness in mind, this is one of the most superior dry docking solutions available world-wide today.

Durable, Premium Quality Dry Docking Solutions

FAB Dock is a welded, one piece, flexible, water level dry dock, manufactured from a polyurethane alloy blend material. Most importantly, this material is the next step beyond hypalon in durability and life span. Due to that, they use this alloy blend in military and commercial applications when it comes to marine, inflatable products. It is also used for multi-person whitewater rafts, US Navy tactical craft, and the tubes on Coast Guard RIB’s. The hull protecting membrane below the boat encapsulates everything below the water line.
The inside of the Fabdock pumps completely dry. The wrinkling effect of the loose fitting membrane allows space for the water to drain and air to circulate under the hull. The water pumping process is 100% automatic, using a specifically designed float switch. The water sensing module constantly monitors your Fabdock for any sign of water. Because of that, your boat remains completely dry.

Superior Craftsmanship Dry Docking

Fabdock needs minimum maintenance and care and can withstand the harshest of environments. It can pay for itself in as little as 3 years through maintenance cost savings, including anti-fouling and fuel. FAB Docks can fit the propulsion drive of any vessel, with jet drives, outboards and stern drives being the easiest and more universal. Shaft and pod drives require custom built FAB Dock with specially designed and reinforced pockets to cater for the shaft, propeller and rudder, or pod.

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