Boat Lifts – You Are In The Right Place!

When it comes to boat lifts, look no further. Here you can find a boat lift for everybody’s needs and preferences!


All our boat lifts are premium aluminum No-Weld lifts. We carry 4 types of boat lifts: beamless lifts, gearbox lifts, elevator lifts and solar lifts. Stainless Electra Gear Motors, aluminum Gearbox Direct Drives and premium aluminum bunks are all included with our gearbox lifts.

When choosing the proper weight capacity of a Boat Lift always keep in mind the total weight of your Boat (Wet Weight). Don’t confuse the manufacturer’s listed dry weight with the live weight of your boat.  Dry weight is exactly that. To determine the live weight of your boat, you have to factor in all of the dealer prep items. Those include the battery and fire extinguishers, and also any items that you are going to store on the boat. In most cases if your add 10% to the listed dry weight it will cover those items. You also need to add the weight of the fuel and fresh water.

Choosing a Boat Lift with a higher weight rating than you might currently need is a smart decision so you are not maxed out right from the start. This will also help if you are thinking about going to a larger boat in the future. You will need to determine whether or not you wish to pull the boat in forward or back it into the slip. This is very important as it will determine where the boat lift is placed in the slip, and it can also affect the parts that are used to assemble the boat lift. Please CONTACT US for more information and very inexpensive shipping options.




Featuring weight capacities of 8k to 13k boatlifts with a 4-motor flat plate drive system. Each Boat Lift U.S. BEAMLESS Boat Lift comes standard with: 6061-T6 Aluminum & Stainless Construction, Painted Motors, Stainless Drive-pipes, Gem GR-4 Remote Control (limit switch option available), No-Float Aluminum Bunks, Bronze Bushings and our special 4-Bolt Cross-Pattern Mounting Plates and a beautiful white Powder-Coated Finish! Free upgrades and best of all it’s a Boat Lift, U.S.! No submerged cables, unique to Boat Lift U.S.

Pictured with a service platform.

         Weight Capacity                       # Pile                              Price
                   8k                                                4-Pile                              $5,800.00
                   10k                                              4-Pile                              $5,990.00
                   13k                                              4-Pile                              $6,995.00




Featuring weight capacities of 4.5K to 40K boatlifts. In addition to world class gear plates, Boatlift U.S. has developed a sealed, oil-bath gearbox™ specifically for boat lifts. This means that the gears never need lubrication allowing for a maintenance free drive system. This Gear Box™ Boatlift comes standard with stainless steel Electra Gear Boat Lift motors, Galvanized drive shaft, strong no-weld aluminum construction, and Aluminum bushings with grease fittings. The grooved cable winders protect the drive shaft and helps keep the cables winding without overlapping. The Boat Lift U.S Gear Box™ Boat Lift also comes standard with Aluminum Bunks. All Boat Lift U.S Boatlifts are Manufactured to the Highest Quality.

Weight Capacity                      # Pil                      Price
       4.5k                                              4-Pile                    $4,400.00
          6k                                              4-Pile                    $4,600.00
          8k                                              4-Pile                    $4,800.00
         10k                                             4-Pile                     $4,999.00
         13k                                             4-Pile                     $5,995.00
        16k                                             4-Pile                     $7,738.00
         16k                                             6-Pile                     $8,629.00
          20k                                             6-Pile                     $10,948.00
         24k                                             6-Pile                     $12,196.00
          27k                                             6-Pile                     $16,785.00
         35k                                             8-Pile                     $21,925.00
         40k                                             8-Pile                     $24,613.00



Featuring weight capacities of 3k to 16k boatlifts. Constructed From All Aluminum & Stainless Steel. Guide Post & Bunk Brackets Included. Stainless Steel Cables. Aqua Marine Gear Units provides proven dependable lifting power. Bronze Worm Gear. Lighted Ground Faults. Adjustable Piling Mount Brackets. 6,000 Lbs and Under a Straight Up and Down Track. 10,000 Lbs and Above a 24° Track.

Weight Capacity                  Track Length                  Price

3k                                                   20′                                         $5,595.00
6k                                                   25′                                         $6,195.00
10k                                                 25′                                         $6,795.00
13k                                                 25′                                         $7,490.00
16k                                                 25′                                         $8,295.00

Aluminum bunk upgrade for 3k, 6k, 10k is $325.00. Aluminum bunk upgrade for 13k, 16k is $495.00.

Stainless steel motor upgrade is $250.00 per lift.